Puppy Visits / Care & Socialisation

Puppy Care

  • Give your pup a head start with puppy day care
  • We collect by 11AM and drop home after 3PM
  • Includes walks, play time, lunch + (maybe) a snooze
  • Fantastic for socialising and balanced development!

Puppy Visits / Puppy Day Care & Socialisation

Searching for ‘puppy visits Wandsworth’ and surrounding areas? So you’re thinking of getting a new puppy – what exciting news! But you’re worried about those days you’ll have to leave them home alone… Maybe they haven’t had all their jabs yet and aren’t allowed out, but do need some company while you’re busy… Or perhaps you are keen for them to be socialised and make lots of new puppy (and human) friends… Fear not – we can help!

Importance of socialisation…

We truly believe that socialisation in dogs is critical in developing a confident and well balanced dog. In fact, it is scientifically proven! Socialisation is the process by which puppies learn to relate to people and animals. It means meeting and having pleasant encounters with as many other adults, children, dogs (puppies and adults), and other animals as possible. It also involves becoming used to a wide range of events, environments and situations.

We feel that when you take on a puppy, you are taking on the responsibility to ensure your dog grows up to be emotionally well-adjusted. Puppies that are not socialised may grow up to be fearful, and fearful dogs may bite. Dogs not used to different environments and situations spend their lives being frightened when taken to unfamiliar places. Puppy socialisation should happen early, intensively between 3 and 12 weeks, and continue until the puppy is a year old. Intensive work may be needed for older puppies to make up for lost time.

Well-socialised puppies grow up to be friendly and happy in the company of people and animals and make successful pets. Dogs taken out regularly as puppies can take different situations in their stride and enjoy going anywhere with their owners.

A typical outline of our puppy day care…

  • We collect day care pups between 10:00-11:00 and transport them comfortably and safely to our HQ
  • Introduce them slowly to the other pups, they can get to know each other and become friends
  • We’ll take them out for regular wee breaks and short walks which will build up as they get older
  • They’ll be safely introduced to new dogs and people and can take in all the sights, smells and sounds of the neighbourhood
  • In between walks they will spend time at our HQ where they can play, have a snooze and a snack
  • We drop pups home after 15:00 – safe, happy and sufficiently tired out.

Price of puppy visits / puppy day care…

  • £25.00 per week day
  • £30.00 on Sundays
  • £37.50 on bank holidays.

We can offer 10% off for a block booking* of 10+ days/calendar month, 20% off for 20+ days/calendar month. *Regular week days e.g. every Monday+Wednesday+Friday.

How to book…

Simply drop us a line via our book a pawpair page and we’ll get back to you ASAP with availability. We have limited (10) spaces each day so please call us well in advance. Please note we only take small breeds into day care. We’ll then arrange a [no obligations] meeting and if we’re all happy to proceed we’ve got some paperwork to sign and will take a set of house keys. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 07572 804 138.

Review Stars

5 star service for your puppy…

“…Jeff has been going out with Nick, Anne, and the Pawpairs team every week for the last five months, and he absolutely LOVES his time with them… I feel totally reassured on the days Jeff is with Pawpairs, as I know he is being looked after by people who I not only trust know what they are doing, but who I feel have as much of a fondness for Jeff as we do… I would recommend Pawpairs to any dog owners, and I don’t think we, (or Jeff!) would be as happy with anyone else.

Steph & Dan H.

Can’t recommend Nick and his team enough! They have been fantastic. Nick has, and continues to do, a wonderful job looking after our jack russell poodle crossbreed puppy Zorro. He is kind, considerate and gives very helpful advice in how to look after your pet so they develop into well balanced and content when adult. The texts/pics to owners when their pet is in his care are brilliant and show how happy all the animals are when with him.

Jeremy B.

So pleased we used Pawpairs for our puppy [Marple]. They have been great with her, helping to turn a characterful puppy into a well-balanced member of our pack. The updates and videos are wonderful and show the care, attention and passion Nick and Sarah have for all the dogs they look after. If you’re looking for friendly, caring, trustworthy people to look after your dog, we can’t recommend them highly enough. Thank you.

Shane & Katherine S.

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