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We are a friendly, reliable, trusted team of animal lovers dedicated to looking after other people’s pets whenever they may need help. We’ve all grown up with pets and worked with them in one way or another over the years. Altogether we: have travelled the world volunteering for animal welfare groups; worked along side vets and vet nurses; worked in vet practices; are studying to be vets; studied animal sciences; are pet first aid trained; trained as dog trainers and more!


We strive to offer 5 star service to all our clients and promise to take the best possible care we can of your pet. Your pet/s’ safety, health and happiness are our top priorities! Check out our awesome team of pawpairs below…


Meet The Team

Name: Nick Lindsay (Top Dog)
On the Pawpairs team since: The beginning!

Super awesome pet skills: Dog walker, Puppy day carer, Cat sitter, Small pet sitter

Bio: Ever since I can remember I’ve been surrounded by pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, gold fish, parrots, budgies and even chickens! I love all animals and have always wanted to work with them. I studied a post graduate degree in Marketing and worked in the industry for a few years until I decided to make a change. I travelled to Peru where my grandmother runs her own welfare association and sanctuary (A.H.S.F.A.), spending 3 months working alongside the resident Vets and volunteers, helping a variety of animals in need. In the meanwhile I had the idea for Pawpairs and kicked things off as soon as I returned to the UK. So glad I did – I now have the best job!

Favourite animal: My favourite domesticated animal is the Dog. My lovely wife Kelly and I have 3 little beauties called Rolo, Molly and Bear (not forgetting our 2 beautiful cats Max and Blue!). Their unwavering loyalty and the joy they bring to our lives is priceless. My favourite wild animal must be the Tiger, they are simply stunning!

Name: Kelly Magrath (Top Cat)
On the Pawpairs team since: April 2015 

Super awesome pet skills: Dog walker, Dog sitter, Puppy sitter, Cat sitter, Small pet sitter

Bio: My friends and family would describe me as a massive animal lover – without exception to the type. I have in my lifetime owned all kinds of pets – including; rats, rabbits, chickens and ducks, cats, dogs (big and small), horses and birds. I spend all my spare time with animals, usually my own five little fur babies – Rolo, Molly & Bear and my 2 cats Max & Blue. I have lots of experience with administering medications, oral or injections and have dealt with lots of other animal related  issues along the way, so am able to deal with almost everything. Looking after other peoples pets is something that requires reliability and integrity – something I have in abundance. I looking forward to meeting your lovely pets, big and small!

Favourite animal: The sloth – because they remind me of my husband (see above)! 😀

Name: Anne Webb
On the Pawpairs team since: April 2015 

Super awesome pet skills: Dog walker, Puppy carer, Cat sitter, Small pet sitter

Bio: Hi my name is Anne this is my old boy Rhino who is nearly 11.  I have been brought up with animals as far back as I can remember and used to walk and train my Nans dog.  I love being surrounded by dogs and cats as they give you such unconditional love and if they are happy then I am happy!

Favourite animal: 

Name: Margot Berrezaie
On the Pawpairs team since: January 2016

Super awesome pet skills: Dog walker, Dog sitter, Cat sitter, Live-in pet sitter

Bio: Hi! My name is Margot and I am studying Veterinary Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College in London. I started working at Pawpairs in January 2016 to combine my love of learning about animals in textbooks and being able to look after them in real life! My family used to breed German Shepherd dogs and I have grown up with cats. However my experiences don’t stop at small animals, I also volunteer with wildlife charities. I plan to fulfil my ambition to travel the world, assist animals in need and hopefully raise awareness on improving animal welfare on the way!

Favourite animal: I’ve always had a soft spot for big cats, so the tiger is probably my favourite animal, but for now my elderly little tiger at home, a Himalayan cat called Moka, will do!

Name: Aleks Vukojicic
On the Pawpairs team since: January 2017

Super awesome pet skills: Dog walker, Dog sitter, Cat sitter, Small pet sitter, Live-in pet sitter

Bio: Hi, my name is Aleks and I currently study full-time at university in London and work with Pawpairs part-time. Almost 2 years ago I became the proud owner of a beautiful Hungarian Vizsla, he requires lots of exercise but loves nothing more than cuddling on the sofa! I grew up with dogs and cats in the home and have been obsessed with animals since I was a child. I’ve loved working with Pawpairs because I get to spend time with lovely animals and feel happy that their owners can be confident leaving them in my care, knowing I’ll send regular updates and spoil their pets as much as they would!

Favourite animal: My favourite animals are dogs because of the unwavering loyalty and companionship they provide, as well as the extreme emotional intelligence and different personalities they can have. They also never cease to make me laugh!

Name: Hannah Jolley
On the Pawpairs team since: January 2018

Super awesome pet skills: Dog walker, Dog sitter, Cat sitter, Small pet sitter, Live-in pet sitter

Bio: I’ve always loved animals since I was young, it started with a penguin obsession (which I still haven’t grown out of!) and having dogs in my family has meant I can’t imagine life without them. I’ve built up my experience working with animals by volunteering at charities such as Battersea Dogs and Cats Home whilst doing an Animal Care course. My gorgeous Golden Retriever, Dora, is the most pampered member of the family and since working with Pawpairs I’ve loved having the opportunity to treat other people’s valued pets in the same way. Whether visiting a kitty for 30 minutes or giving a pooch a nice walk, it’s always rewarding to know you’re helping them.

Favourite animal: Choosing a favourite animal is so hard for me but besides dogs/cats, at the moment I love sea otters after seeing them in a Blue Planet 2 episode. They’re so nurturing with their young and look so cute when they fall asleep on their backs in the sea!

Name: Amy Stirling
On the Pawpairs team since: December 2017

Super awesome pet skills: Cat sitter, Small pet sitter, Live-in pet sitter

Bio: I have had dogs cats and horses since I was 8. I have worked at a veterinary hospital in Wimbledon for nearly 4 years – that was the best job I ever had! I have studied cat behaviour course since there and learnt so much about everything there is to know about pets. I like working at pawpairs as they assign work close to home therefore I can donate the time required to make pets feel fulfilled and less lonely when their owners are away. I am very passionate about animal welfare and having a house sitter rather than changing an animals safe place is the best way to make them feel less stressed which is why pawpairs is such a good idea!

Favourite animal: My favourite animal is a horse closely followed by everything else. 

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